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How To Spend An Exciting Day Visiting The Space Center In Houston TX

When you have plans set out to visit the Houston space center, have in mind that your schedule will need to be cleared up. The space center is a wonderful place to be and anyone who has ever been there will let you know that.

Without much Ado, we will be looking at the different things you can get engaged in when you get into the space center.

Space Center One-Day Schedule

First of all, when you get to the space center at Houston, you will be faced with the crown jewel of the museum because it is something no one misses. This crown jewel is actually not a jewel but an independence space shuttle that has been parked outside

Note that it is even a part of the museum, so get ready to explore every bit of it. Your one-day schedule at the space center should include:

  • An exploration of the starship gallery

While the name already sounds so cool, you will find a destiny theater that shows a really short movie about the United States’ efforts and inspirations to get into space.

From the theater, everyone can move into the starship gallery and walk their way through an arrangement of the U.S space travels. Inside the gallery, you will find original ships from Gemini, Apollo, and even the Mercury missions.

You will be more than amazed with the spacesuits, patches, and some other fancy memorabilia from diverse space missions. It is simply a walk through our space history.

  • A visit to the moon rock vault

Stepping out of the starship gallery, next stop is the moon rock vault. Here, you will discover moon rocks and touch them. This will show you that we really got to the moon and that it is no conspiracy theory.

From viewing and touching these moon rocks, you can simply move into the next part of the starship gallery. This next part is a walk through the reconstruction of what is known as the Skylab.

For those who have no idea, Skylab was actually the predecessor to the international space station and was decommissioned during the late quarters of the 1970s.

  • An exploration of a space shuttle 

This space shuttle is at the Independence plaza. We have nothing to say than to let you know that you should be prepared to be fascinated and blown away with the huge plane and space shuttle that is placed outside.

While they already look large when you view them from the parking lot, they are even more than what you expected when you are just standing inches away from them.

With your ticket, you can go in and explore every bit of the plane as well as the space shuttle replica. Being inside alone gives you an understanding of what being an astronaut felt like in the 1980s and down to the 2010s.

To Wrap It Up

This is just a tip of the iceberg on what your schedule may look like when you get to the space center at Houston. It is fun, interesting, and you will be simply amazed all through your walk around this place. Be prepared.

Get on Sam Houston Tollway S from Westheimer Rd
11 min (3.6 mi)
Head west toward Westheimer Rd
131 ft
Turn right toward Westheimer Rd
62 ft
Turn right onto Westheimer Rd
3.1 mi
Turn right onto W Sam Houston Pkwy S
0.2 mi
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left to merge onto Sam Houston Tollway S

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